As part of the CyVerse, the DNA Learning Center and a team of computer programmers have developed a workflow to make high-level genome analysis broadly available to biology students and teachers.


DNA Subway is a collaborative workspace to generate DNA sequence annotations, conduct phylogenetic analyses, and analyze Next-Generation Sequencing data. DNA Subway is an appealing and intuitive interface that uses the metaphor of a network of subway lines to guide users through the maze of analysis steps necessary to annotate and compare DNA sequences. Developed with an eye to undergraduate education; DNA Subway can make high-level DNA analysis available to faculty and students by simplifying annotation and comparative genomics workflows.


Users can upload DNA sequences or work with the samples provided. “Riding” different lines in the DNA Subway, users can analyze up to 100 kb of DNA - predicting and annotating genes (Red Line), prospecting genomes for similar genes and building gene trees (Yellow Line). In the future, DNA Subway will also include lines to analyze next-generation transcriptome data and to work with phylogenetic trees.

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